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What is the Hi Kid Foundation?

We are a nonprofit organization, headquartered in Central Florida. The organization’s mission is to help low-income families with children who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illness better their overall quality of life.

What other organizations are affiliated to Hi Kid Foundation?

We work together with our volunteers and with the International  Foundation Society for Children with Cancer. Also, we work with Give Kids the World and Sunshine Foundation.



How can the Hi Kid Foundation help my sick child?

Once the family contacts the foundation via email, social media, direct contact, or through a member of the foundation, we will verify the information of the family and the medical history of the child. Once that information is verified, we will proceed with the registration of the child and the family. The next step is to visit the home of the family and complete a series of questions, this meeting will help the foundation uncover ways to help meet the needs of these families and their children. Finally, the committee will meet together to determine how they can provide assistance.

How are the children selected?

Once the family contacts the foundation, Hi Kid will evaluate the conditions of the family and the child without discrimination of gender, race, or religion, every child is treated equally.

How can I help the foundation?

Helping is very simple, on our website, you will find an option that explains how you can help. You can provide the foundation with a financial contribution, or by donating items that you no longer use. You can also volunteer your time or become the sponsor of a child.

Are my donations tax-exempt?

Hi Kid Foundation is a tax exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization so every financial contribution you make can be deducted from your federal taxes.

How does the online garage sale work?

At this moment, we are currently working on launching an e-commerce project in order to sell products on our website. Once this project is finalized we will provide more information in our social media networks.

What activities do our volunteers participate in?

Our volunteers are key in helping us achieve our goals. They are willing to support us with anything that we need, from basic cleaning, helping us during garage sales, and even decorating the house of our little ones. 



What information must I provide in order to make a donation?

All donations are completely anonymous.

What information is needed if I want to sponsor a child from the Hi Kid Foundation?

We will only need your personal information, we do not need your professional background.

Do you receive online transfers?

Yes, we do receive transfers from Paypal accounts. 



How to help:

We want to help every single one of the children and their families, but we need the generosity of each of our sponsors and local small businesses in order to achieve our mission. Without your help, we will not be able to serve and support our children.

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